AstroGazer, Portable Observatory

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AstroGazer, Portable Observatory
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This item is Not "Out of Stock", PLEASE CALL TO ORDER: 540-898-0636 We are "Not Out of Stock", This item is shipped FedEx Ground, which is not available through shopping cart check out. Thank you. Full 360 degree Rotation Easily Portable Set-Up in 30 - 45 minutes View from Horizon to Zenith Hybrid Aluminum / PVC construction. Dome and lower cylinder covered by durable vinyl covering. All material is heat-sealed. No sewn through seams - no maintenance required. Eliminates stray light. Covering is opaque, blocking all light. Protects your night vision as well as stopping light from your equipment bothering others. Protects you and your equipment from the elements. Dome closes to provide rain / snow protection. Reduced dew formation. EZ Transport! Packs into 3 Carrying Bags. Great for use in sub-divisions not allowing permanent structures. No Tools Needed. No worries about leaving that wrench at home! Absolutely no tools needed for setup and disassembly. Frame connects together with Nylon quick connect fasteners. All weight bearing parts of the structure are aluminum or stainless steel. PVC used to provide lateral support only. Cover material held in place by a Velcro and grommet system Wide viewing slot opening, extending past zenith, while the dome still protects you from stray light and wind. Levelers ?an integral part of the construction allowing use on rough terrain. 10' Diameter, 8' 10" High Constructed of durable 13oz Vinyl laminate fabric. No Sewn seams. Completely Light Blocking Material. PLEASE CALL TO ORDER: 540-898-0636